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Compliance News

12th July 2018

About registration distributor

The company reiterates that Enagic has always implemented a fair and equitable global system, without any bundled sales, and that no company/individual has the general agency rights and exclusive management rights of a certain region or country.
If you find any violations, please inform to: compliance@enagic-asia.com

8th June 2018

Business Conduct

Distributors be responsible to fully educate yourself & downlines, complete sales & order process, provide support to the downlines, and run the distributorship in an ethical manner. Distributors should read, fully understand, and abide by the company policies. Also, should respect and agree with decisions of our Company. Distributors are prohibited to damage the company's reputation and decisions through legal actions. Violation of the above may result disciplinary action.

8th June 2018

Reminders on re-apply New Distributorship after termination

In case there is no proof that the original sponsor violate the Company policy, the application for re-apply a new Distributorship under a different Distributor group/line would not be accepted.
It is prohibited to make use of relatives’ name to re-apply a Distributorship in a different Distributor group/line. Violation of the above may result disciplinary action.

23rd April 2018

About using Strong Kangen Water (pH 11.5)
Recently, distributors have promoted the use of Strong Kangen Water to treat diseases and publicize widely.
The company restates here that regarding the use of Strong Kangen Water, Not for drinking/not suitable for drinking are listed on the company’s website, the product “instructions”, leaflets and “method of using electrolyzed water” if distributors promote to drink Strong Kangen Water, first, violating company regulations, second, violating The Trade Descriptions Ordinance, Chapter 362, Laws of Hong Kong, third, violating the Undesirable Medical Advertisements Ordinance, Chapter 231.

The structure of the human body is very complicated, and the reactions are different to each other. It cannot be used as a powerful and officially recognized effective method for sporadic cases. All distributors must not challenge the law.

7th July 2017

About support the group

There are 6A or above leaders mislead Distributors give up his/her original registration and re-apply to another Distributors line for personal interest recently.
Otherwise the up-line will stop or cut down the support to the downline.
According to Company policy, up-lines or leaders are responsible to support & provide training to the downlines no matter which position the downline has placed.
Our company will deal seriously for the up-lines who violate the company Policy

30th June 2017

It is forbidden to use Enagic trade names, trademarks in other products

Independent distributors may not use the Company logo in marketing or sales materials, such as bottles, T-shirt…etc.
Independent Distributors may only use the Distributor Logo specifically developed to demonstrate their status as an official “Enagic Independent Distributor”. The Distributor Logo can be downloaded in the Distributor section of the Company website and may only be used by the Independent Distributor in their Distributorship. In addition to general prohibitions on use of the Company trademarks or logos, the Company specifically prohibits the use of Company trademarks or logos in conjunction with the sale of any other non-Company products.
Distributors who violate above article are subject to suspension and/or termination without warning.

16th June 2017

Privacy Policy
In order to comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Distributors may obtain his/her own Distributor ID, Level of Rank, Genealogy Report only.
Distributors are responsible to submit purchase application with complete and correct information, especially the Sponsor’s Level of Rank.
Our staff will not disclose Unit of group sales by verbally, Distributors should check the information with their own Genealogy Report.
Our Staff cannot disclose Genealogy relate information to any 3rd party, but only to the Distributor himself/herself. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

8 th March 2017

To register as Enagic Independent Distributor

Anyone may purchase a Water Machine under our procedure & policies could register as a Distributor of Enagic.
Stock up or induce others to stock up are prohibited.

8th Mar. 2017

Prohibition of Sales on Unauthorized Internet Sites.
Recently we find Enagic product upload to Internet shopping sites (e.g. Taobao, eBay). It brings up our concern again, Enagic product(include SD501、JR、SUPER501、ANESPA and K8), never selling through any Internet shopping sites, internet auction sites. Any product purchase through online channel will not be able to cover by warranties. Any violation of this article will constitute grounds for commission suspension and/or termination of distributor status.
To protect the buyer and benefit, we strongly suggest no trade on shopping sites should be allowed. *The exterior of SD501 (7 plates) and JrII (3 plates) are very similar but price is different, buyer may not getting the correct information from Internet shopping sites.

7th April 2016

Issue about not using the buyer’s name registration

We found some distributor using their own name or third party’s name replace the actual buyer, and create the following issues:
  1. Actual buyer not register in Enagic cannot enjoy Enagic User/ Distributor benefit.
  2. Against Enagic Company Policy , chapter 7, Advertising Correct Information , Enagic distributors do not buy Enagic water treatment systems for resale.
  3. Against the Trade Descriptions Ordinance, Chapter 362, Laws of Hong Kong.

31st March 2016

Selling Kangen Water®issue

We found some distributor selling Kangen Water ®, we restate that, Sales of bottle Kangen Water ® or any other water (Strong Kangen Water, Strong Acidic Water, Acidic Water, Clean Water) in any form produced from an Enagic machine is strictly prohibited.
Policy , chapter 13, Prohibition of Sales of Kangen water ®
Policies and Procedures , chapter 13, Prohibition of Sales of Kangen water ®

1st DEC. 2015

Enagic trade marks

The Company will not permit the use of its copyrights, designs, logos, trade names, trademarks, etc. without its prior written permission. Distributors who violate this article are subject to suspension and/or termination without warning.

31st Aug. 2015

Impersonating Enagic web site 2

Enagic will take legal action to posing websites that selling various kind of water treatment instruments which are not products of Enagic. Distributors should report to Compliance Dept., once got any information about the issue. compliance@enagic-asia.com.

10th Aug. 2015

Medical Advertisements Ordinance

According to Undesirable Medical Advertisements Ordinance (Chapter 231) of HK, Disease and Conditions in respect of which Advertisements are Prohibited or Restricted. Pls. refer information in Chapter 231,Schedule 1 & 2.

13th Jul. 2015

Impersonating Enagic web site 1

Recently, there are posing websites using images, such as Trade marks & Certificates etc. of Enagic, to market various kinds of water treatment instruments that are not products of Enagic. Enagic will take solemn & serious action for the issue.

9th Jul. 2015

Do not use celebrity photos

Never use photos of celebrity for advertising purpose, unless there is written authorization. Otherwise, you may cause Litigation of Portraiture right.

21st Nov. 2014

High Grade filter installed in machine

Please do not remove High Grade filter from water machine and use other pre-filter instead, it will be consider as machine modified and cause warrantee terminate.