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Approved Kangen Water® Shop

The Company will not permit the use of its copyrights, designs, logos, trade names, trademarks, etc. without its prior written permission. Distributors who violate this article are subject to suspension and/or termination without warning.

Send compliance request To
: jobic@enagic-asia.com

Authorization Number Location Kangen Water® Shop name Issued/Expires
KS-2015001-03 Hong Kong, Kowloon. PLATINUM WATER CLUB 20th March, 2017  To
19th March, 2018
KS-2015003-03 Hong Kong, Kowloon. KANGEN WATER (H.K.) LTD 23rd April, 2017  To
22nd April,  2018
KS-2015005-03 Hong Kong, Kowloon. SUPER LAUGHTER CLUB 28th April, 2017  To
27th April,  2018
KS-2015011-03 Hong Kong, Kowloon. HEALTHY FAMILY 28th May, 2017 To 27th May, 2018
KS-2015007-03 Hong Kong, Kowloon. BIO TECH HEALTH INSTRUMENT LTD 9th May, 2017 To 10th May, 2018
KS-2015008-03 Hong Kong GRACEFUL & WISE GROUP 5th May, 2017 To 6th May, 2018
KS-2015012-03 Hong Kong, New Territories. HEALTHY LIFE HK  TRADING LTD 29th Feb, 2017 To 28th Feb, 2018
KS-2015022-02 Hong Kong, Kowloon. A1 ENTERPRISE 14th January, 2017  To
13th January, 2018
KS-2015027-02 Hong Kong COLOR LIVING CO 1st May, 2017  To
30th April, 2018
KS-2015028-02 Hong Kong, Kowloon. KANGEN WATER CHINA LTD 4th Jun, 2017 To 3rd Jun, 2018
KS-2016003-02 Hong Kong, Kowloon. GREAT CYPRESS GROUP COMPANY LIMITED 14th October, 2016  To
13th October, 2017
KS-2015010-03 China, Zhong Shan 何柏棠 22nd May, 2017 To 21st May,  2018
KS-2015017-03 China, Guang Zhou. 黃家良 28th Jul, 2017 To 27th Jul, 2018
KS-2015019-03 China, Guang Zhou. 彭水祥 26th Sep, 2016 To 25th Sep, 2017
KS-2016001-02 China, Shenzhen. 程偉雄 25th August, 2016  To
24th August, 2017
KS-2016004-01 China, Shenzhen. 劉向陽 1st January, 2017  To
31st December, 2017
KS-2017001-01 China, Pan Yu. 黃萬俊 11th April, 2017  To 10th April, 2018
KS-2017003-01 China, Zhan Jiang 邱雄宇 30th May, 2017 To 31st May, 2018
KS-2017005-01 China, Zhong Shan 葉翠嫻 2nd Jul, 2017 To 3rd Jul, 2018
KS-2016002-02 Macau. 黃志容 1st October, 2016  To
30th September, 2017
KS-2017002-01 Macau. 陳冠琴 1st May, 2017 To 2nd May, 2018
KS-2017004-01 Macau. 美國洋蔥國際集團有限公司 18th Jun, 2017 To 19th Jun, 2018