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Approved Kangen Water® Shop

The Company will not permit the use of its copyrights, designs, logos, trade names, trademarks, etc. without its prior written permission. Distributors who violate this article are subject to suspension and/or termination without warning.

Send compliance request To : compliance@enagic-asia.com

Authorization Number Location Kangen Water® Shop name Issued/Expires
KS-2015001-04 Hong Kong, Kowloon. PLATINUM WATER CLUB 20th March, 2018  To
19th March, 2019
KS-2015003-03 Hong Kong KANGEN WATER(H.K.) LTD 23rd Apr 2018 to
22nd Apr 2019
KS-2015005-04 Hong Kong SUPER LAUGHTER CLUB LIMITED 28th Apr 2018 to
27th Apr 2019
KS-2015011-04 Hong Kong, Kowloon. HEALTHY FAMILY 28th May, 2018 To
27th May, 2019
KS-2015007-04 Hong Kong, Kowloon. BIO TECH HEALTH INSTRUMENT LTD 11th May, 2018 To
10th May, 2019
KS-2015008-03 Hong Kong GRACEFUL & WISE GROUP 5th May, 2017 To
6th May, 2018
KS-2015012-04 Hong Kong, New Territories. HEALTHY LIFE HK  TRADING LTD 28th Feb, 2018 To
27th Feb, 2019
KS-2015022-03 Hong Kong, Kowloon. A1 ENTERPRISE 14th January, 2018  To
13th January, 2019
KS-2015028-03 Hong Kong, Kowloon. KANGEN WATER CHINA LTD 4th Jun, 2018 To
3rd Jun, 2019
KS-2016003-02 Hong Kong, Kowloon. GREAT CYPRESS GROUP COMPANY LIMITED 14th Oct, 2017 To
13th Oct, 2018
KS-2018004-01 Hong Kong, New Territories. 周美芳 5th Feb, 2018 To
4th Feb, 2019
KS-2018013-01 Hong Kong, Kowloon. J & R SERVICE 27th Jun, 2018 To
26th Jun, 2019
KS-2015010-04 China, Zhong Shan 何柏棠 22nd May, 2018 To
21st May, 2019
KS-2015017-03 China, Guang Zhou 黃家良 28th Jul 2017 To
27th Jul 2018
KS-2017001-01 China, Guang Zhou 黃萬俊 11th Apr 2018 To
10th Apr 2019
KS-2017005-02 China, Zhong Shan 葉翠嫻 5th Jul, 2018 To
4th Jul, 2019
KS-2017006-01 China, Guang Zhou 胡善翠 8th Aug, 2017 To
7th Aug, 2018
KS-2017007-01 China, Fo Shan 温志 4th Sep, 2017 To
3rd Sep, 2018
KS-2017008-01 China, Fo Shan. 陳敏峰 6th Dec, 2017 To
5th Dec, 2018
KS-2017011-01 China, Guang Zhou. 黎劍鋒 22nd Dec, 2017 To
21st Dec, 2018
KS-2018003-01 China, Shen Zhen 楊曉東 30th Jan, 2018 To
29th Jan, 2019
KS-2018005-01 China, Jiang Men 胡彬 7th Feb, 2018 To
6th Feb, 2019
KS-2018006-01 China, Jiang Xi 蔡曉媛 8th Feb, 2018 To
7th Feb, 2019
KS-2018007-01 China, Jiang Su 顧鋒 9th Feb, 2018 To
8th Feb, 2019
KS-2018008-01 China, Guang Zhou 王麗玲 9th Feb, 2018 To
8th Feb, 2019
KS-2018009-01 China, Guang Zhou 陳左明 21st Mar 2018 to
20th Mar 2019
KS-2018010-01 China, Guang Zhou. 黃全國 3rd May, 2018 To
2nd May, 2019
KS-2018011-01 China, Shan Dong 呂曉 10th May, 2018 To
9th May, 2019
KS-2018012-01 China, Yun Nan 張博 31st May, 2018 To
30th May, 2019
KS-2018014-01 China, Kai Ping 梁藹樂 29th Jun, 2018 To
28th Jun, 2019
KS-2015002-04 Macau 衡康一人有限公司 26th Mar, 2018 To
25th Mar, 2019
KS-2016002-02 Macau 黃志容 1st Oct, 2017 To
30th Sep, 2018
KS-2017002-02 Macau. 陳冠琴 3rd May, 2018 To
2nd May, 2019
KS-2017004-02 MACAU 美國洋蔥國際集團有限公司 20th Jun, 2018 To
19th Jun, 2019
KS-2017009-01 Macau 孫健威 12th Dec, 2017 To
11th Dec, 2018
KS-2017010-01 Macau MACAU PRO PIPE CLEANING SERVICE LTD 20th Dec, 2017 To
19th Dec, 2018
KS-2018002-01 Macau 秦廷峰 17th Jan, 2018 To
16th Jan, 2019
KS-2018001-01 Macau 陳麗花 18th Jan, 2018 To
17th Jan, 2019