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Products > Accessory > Beauty and Healthy

Beauty and Healthy

  • Turmeric Soap Σ

    Turmeric Soap Σ

    A new cleaning soap made by pure pesticide-free "turmeric root oil" extracted in turmeric from Okinawa is launched! It is made from rich natural materials. Handmade soap, with creamy lather. - 80g each

    Price: $XXX
  • Kangen Ukon Tea

    Kangen Ukon Tea

    100% Organic Made from Okinawa Autumn Ukon (Turmeric)
    Turmeric "Ukon" belons to the ginger family. Tea from Ukon has been considered Natural and Healthy since the Ryukyu Dynasties aging from 1429-1879.
    Tea Bags 2.0g x 30

    Price: $請向直線查詢