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Products > Accessory > Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Cleaning Powder Unit (New/Old type)

    Cleaning Powder Unit (New/Old type)

    Reusable cleaning powder unit, please make it dry completely or store in refrigerator to prevent moldy.

    Price: $XXX
  • E-Cleaner


    A reusable cleaning unit with cleaning powder for 24 cleanings. • Cleaning interval: Once every week to two weeks (depending on the water quality)

    Price: $XXX
  • E-Cleaner Refill Powder

    E-Cleaner Refill Powder

    Powder for the E-Cleaner, used for repacking (30 grams of citric acid per package) / • 24 packages per case

    Price: $XXX
  • K8 Cleaning Tank

    K8 Cleaning Tank

    Cleaning tank for K8.


    Price: $XXX
  • K8 Cleaning Cartridge

    K8 Cleaning Cartridge

    Cleaning Cartridge for K8

    Price: $XXX